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Fresh, Real Food.

Real food to us means: no additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. If it’s turkey breast – it’s “turkey breast”! Unlike competitors whose turkey breast lists 10-30 or more artificial ingredients and additives. Real food also means not having hidden allergy ingredients like gluten or soy; which are disguised in many ways under many names.

It is important for Blue Gilly’s to be sensitive to people with food allergies or sensitivities. That is why we have a designated kitchen where we prepare allergy sensitive dishes. We take allergies very seriously because “people with food sensitivities want to eat great food too!”

Though we are not certified Gluten-Free, owners, Kim and Dan, are very knowledgeable because Kim has sensitivities to soy. She has researched recipes and products and done a lot of taste testing to provide delicious options for people such as herself! We strive to prepare great food for people with food allergies!

When possible, many menu items are made from scratch.  Such as biscuits for both regular biscuits & gravy and the gluten free biscuits & gravy are from scratch as is the GF gravy. Pancakes are from our secret family recipe that dates back at least 50 years when Dan’s parents opened Mr. Pancake in the Wisconsin Dells.

Kim and Dan, who have 35 years of restaurant experience, wanted to open a “fun” restaurant with great food for everyone!